Privacy Policy:Dear Users Viewing MicroAd's Advertisement

MicroAd's behavior targeting is a service to deliver most adequate and relevant information, namely advertisements, to our customers. It is a service thoughtfully considered what beneficial information for our customers will be.

Mechanism of the behavior targeting is to store records of customers accessing web sites belonging to MicroAd's Advertisement Network, and analyze the records to extract interests of the customers so that MicroAd is able deliver advertisements the customers will likely be interested in.

To be sure, the record stored is collected anonymously, namely it does not include any@information that may risk privacy of our customers such as name, birth date, e-mail address, user ID, and credit card numbers.

In case customers like to avoid viewing advertisements delivered through the behavior targeting and records of accessing web sites being stored, they have a choice to opt out.

If you like to opt out, please click the following Opt Out link.

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